Seattle Stairway Walks: An Up-and-Down Guide to City Neighborhoods 

by Jake & Cathy Jaramillo

* The only guidebook to stairway walks in Seattle
* Explore Seattle neighborhoods in a new way with these interesting walks in Seattle
* Written for people of all ages who want to get outside, exercise, and explore
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We love exploring neighborhoods and urban nature from our own base in West Seattle. We hope to meet you on one of our walks!


What is it about Seattle stairs that inspired us to write a book about them?   

1) The most important reason is to share the fun of exploring stairways in Seattle!

2) Stairs are an unfailing guide to urban serendipity and surprise. You can discover countless artistic, architectural and historical treasures you might never see otherwise.

3) Exploring the stairs can be completely absorbing. You have time to become immersed in a neighborhood and chat with the locals.

4) Stairs are one of the best ways to range over, and appreciate, the beautiful topography of Seattle.

5) Stairway walking gets you out into urban nature. Bring your bird or plant i.d. book!

6) Stairs are healthy! Walking them burns about twice as many calories as regular walking.