Springtime in Mount Baker
Saturday, March 10
Jake Jaramillo

Wishing for Spring? Here are a few scenes from a walk we took to Mount Baker, Springtime 2018.

The Horton stairs gargoyle does the gargoyle thing: it drains rainwater from the upper reaches of the staircase, spitting it into a drain just below the bottom border of the picture.

Later, we stopped to admire a nearby yard fence made of unique materials. While I took out my phone for a photo Cathy stage-whispered to me: "somebody's in the yard!" So, I politely obtained permission to take a few pictures of her wonderful fence. It turns out this homeowner is one-half of an architect couple who designed and built their own fence. It's made of smooth, glossy river rocks filling tube-like risers made out of heavy-gauge woven steel wire. The river rocks were run through a sieve to get the ones with the right sizing. Shaping and weaving the thick-gauge steel wire into individual vertical holding tubes, we were told, was the biggest challenge.



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