Burien: Eagle Landing Stairs
Wednesday, September 26
Jake Jaramillo in 23, Burien, Eagle Landing, Lake Burien School, West and South Seattle

At only 0.4 miles in length, this is the shortest Seattle stairway walk, but it's a favorite of ours. The extraordinary Eagle Landing Park sits right above the Sound in a quiet, woodsy residential part of Burien. The single up-and-down trail through Eagle Landing Park has a viewing area where you can search for the eagle's nest somewhere high among the Douglas Fir trees. You'll quickly reach the one major stairway, which is the fourth-longest of all Seattle stairs. Its unique steel structure floats through the trees, above the fragile and slipping hillside.

At the bottom, battering stormwaves have mangled the last few feet of the structure, but you may be able to jump the final gap down to the cobblestone beach at low tide. If you can, you'll be treated to views of Vashon and Maury Islands across the Sound, and Three Tree Point southward down the beach. After you return up the stairs and finish the route, the revitalized old downtown area of Burien has lots of eating, drinking and strolling opportunities.

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Steel girders float above the steep, slowly shifting slope; hollow concrete structures transfer weight to steel pins anchored in the stable Vashon Till layer below

Resident eagle




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