South Magnolia
Monday, October 24
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Casual visitors cruise Magnolia Boulevard to admire the big, immaculate homes sitting atop the bluff, and take in their astounding views of Elliott Bay and Puget Sound. This stairway walk, however, shows you a lot more. You'll go up and down Magnolia's two hills and across the valley in-between, taking a route well off the beaten path to discover the surprising variety of this great neighborhood.

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The Glenmont Lane stairs, first stairway on the route: old streetcar track used as handrails

From the Glenmont stairway you head east on Perkins Lane; the bluff looming above is heavily shored up, and seems to be constantly leaking!

Some private stairs on Perkins Lane

A birds' eye view, at Eyers Place W

Zooming in on the Space Needle, from Ella Bailey Park

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